20 Years of Quilting Fun!

 20th Anniversary Challenge Results

The rules were as follows:

  • Size – The quilt may be any shape, and I mean ANY shape, but the sum of all sides must not exceed 140 inches.
  • Technique – Any quilt making technique may be used, however, this is a challenge and I encourage everyone to challenge themselves and step outside their comfort zones to try something new.
  • Every quilt must contain at least two of the following items representing gifts appropriate for a 20th anniversary. The interpretations of those items are totally up to the imagination of the quilter.

 China

 Platinum

 Daylily

 Emerald

 Nine fabric works of art were submitted for the challenge.

The voting results were counted.

First prize was #4 Cathy Coster

Second place was #5 Mary Pruitt

 Third-place tie between #2 Haley Kelley and #8 Mary Foster.

 The workmanship and creativity in using the four components in the guidelines drew applause from those in attendance.

Enjoy the pictures of the challenge pieces:









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