Rachel Elizabeth Ferguson Smith


 Rachel Elizabeth Ferguson Smith 

February 7, 1928 – July 11, 2013 

Remembering Rachel 


Our dear friend and quilting companion has passed from this life leaving behind many happy memories. Rachel was a charter member of our guild and everyone’s “Mama”. She happily shared her sewing skills and eased the disappointment of novice quilters when seams didn’t match by saying, “it’ll quilt out”.

Rachel’s love of quilting was infectious and she shared both her time and her fabric but her statement of “it’ll quilt out” will always stay with me. She remained happy and optimistic in any situation and she graciously accepted the things in life that needed to be “quilted out”. This was her gift, taught to others with a piece of fabric and a needle in her hand. She laughed with us, she cried with us when necessary but always she taught by example and kind words that all problems can be “quilted out”. Her everyday humor and willingness to make the best of everything made her life, like her quilts, a beautiful work of art.

Carolyn Peloza